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The Department of Psychology at SNDT Churchgate is a large and dynamic Post graduate Department offering Masters and Doctoral programs in Counseling, Clinical and Industrial Psychology and in Career Guidance and Developmental counseling, catering to a large student strength from Mumbai as well as various parts of the country. The program offered consists predominantly of hands on training in various professional domains of psychology, along with creation of a strong base in Psychological theory and Research methodology in Psychology.

The Department of Psychology also runs the program on Career Guidance and Developmental counseling, readying students to serve in the future as career guidance counselors and work with young minds on the path to career success.

The teaching in this Department is multi-method, including a wide range of techniques ranging from lectures to case presentations, simulations, live field based cases and discussions, career exhibitions, workshops, and assignments, including open book exams. The research component too is demanding but readies the student for professional writing for publishing and presentations in their chosen field.

The faculty also conducts remedial sessions, sessions where students more comfortable with languages other than English are accommodated and trained, although the medium of instruction is English.

Job placements: Typically, students are absorbed into the fabric of professional psychology in the city and surround through campus placement, networking by faculty with various NGO, GOs, corporates and research organizations where students who pass out of the Department can be absorbed.

Evaluation comprises of 50% internal assessment and 50% external examinations, which ensures continuous assessment and involvement of the student all through the year, with a high level of motivation to perform.

Our Goals

- To disseminate scientific knowledge in psychology to
  students through the courses of study and prepare them
  to face demands of the profession.

- To reach out to society at large through media and
  technology for spreading knowledge of psychology for the
  benefit of the masses.

Our Mission

To create researched knowledge in psychology and its applications to enrich the subject

Our Motto

To promote mental health education in Clinical, industrial and counseling settings through teaching, research and service
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Department of Psychology
SNDT Women’s University
7th Floor, Extension Building,
1, N. Thackersey Road,
New Marine Lines, Mumbai 400 020
Head of Department
Prof. Anuradha Sovani

• M. A. in Psychology
• Ph. D. (Psychology)

Teaching Faculty
• Prof.Anuradha Sovani
• Dr. Mrinalini Purandare (Associate Professor)
• Ms. Anita Sanu (Assistant Professor)
• Dr. Nilesh Thakre (Associate Professor)