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1. Dr. Anuradha Sovani, Professor and Head, Department of|
Psychology, successfully completed a collaborative study
with the School of Health Sciences, University of East
Anglia, UK. The work involved a Biobehavioral study focusing on sex differences and menstrual cycle effects on speech and voice on Hindi - English bilingual speakers. This stage of the work thus focused on speech production, since Hindi has a four way contrast for voicing which adds to the language complexity. This would also allow for testing of robustness of findings with English speech sounds.

The next phase of the study now about to begin would involve speech perception, using a Dichotic Listening task. The study has been passed by the Ethics Committees of SNDT Women’s University as well as University of East Anglia. The collaboration strengthened ties between the two institutions, and added value to the Psychology laboratory with the new focus on evolutionary psychology and some digital recording equipment.

Dr. Anuradha Sovani, Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, is currently working on a grant proposal with State University of New York and Upstate Medical University, US to apply for NIH Fogarty funding to work with Early Interventions in a Developing Nation: A school based awareness program on Mental health awareness. The work will focus on building inclusive attitudes among school students of standard eighth and ninth, using Cognitive Behavioral principles for which Dr. Sovani will provide training and cultural insights.
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Department of Psychology
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Head of Department
Prof. Anuradha Sovani

• M. A. in Psychology
• Ph. D. (Psychology)

Teaching Faculty
• Prof. Anuradha Sovani
• Dr. Nilesh Thakre (Associate Professor)
• Ms. Anita Sanu (Assistant Professor)